CIMB Healthcare Corporate Day

In partnership with CIMB Healthcare Corporate Day, Dr Wong KC provides informative and engaging talk on heart attack, stroke & cancer. — at Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Advance in Plastic Surgery by Dr. Lee from Korea

The recent progress in plastic surgery has been rapid and many new techniques have been developed. Ultimately, the aim is for safety, and with consistent long-lasting results.

We are honoured to invite one of the speaker from Korea, Director of Mega Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea, Dr. Lee Youngdae to share with us on “Advances in Plastic Surgery with Minimal Invasive”


BASF HealthTalk 2014

Health Awareness Talk by Dr. Alex for BASF’s staffs, follow by free test for first 20 who registered for the health talk.


LOVE.CARE.SHARE Health Carnival Press Conference

On 12 Mar (Wed) In-collaboration with Lions Club Blood Donation Campaign, we, Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre is getting ready to Share Our Love, We Care For You. We are providing BP, Glucose, Eye, Bone and Waist Circumference Check on 19 Mar 2014. Stay tune for more photos.


CIMB Dengkil Open Day

In collaboration with CIMB Dengkil Branch Open Day on the 10 March 2014, Life Care team was there to provide activity to create health awareness to the public. The team did some tests to determine the risk of individual getting heart attack and stroke.


Nestle Omega Plus 30-Day Challenge

Place: Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

Date: Saturday 25th May 2013

WITH so many people observing poor eating habits and leading a sedentary lifestyle, it is not surprising that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country. Obesity, high blood pressure and a high cholesterol level are among the causes that contribute to the increase in incidences of heart disease. The risks however, can be reduced through a change in lifestyle. Lowering your cholesterol level, for instance, can be done by eating healthily and exercising. Or by drinking a glass of milk every day.

Nestle Malaysia has initiated the Nestle Omega Plus 30-Day Challenge which was held in Wisma Life Care. The campaign, aimed at raising awareness on the need to maintain a good cholesterol level for healthy heart, involved a challenge for public to lower their blood cholesterol levels within 30 days.

Radio listeners with high levels of cholesterol were invited to participate. The three radio stations involved were lead by their DJs Wai Fun (尹匯雰 from MyFM), Ross (LiteFM) and Salih Yaccob (SY from Sinar FM).

An initial blood sample was taken from the contestants. Contestants were required to drink two glasses of Nestle Omega Plus milk daily and practise healthy eating and exercise. The high-calcium milk contain ActiCol with plant sterols, which have been proven to help lower cholesterol level. A follow-up blood sample is to be taken after 30 days to determine if there is a reduction in their blood cholesterol level.

A seminar related to healthy and nutritious solutions to managing cholesterol and maintaining a healthy heart was also held for the participants.



Kuala Lumpur, Thursday, 23rd May 2013 – Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre, a private medical care operator in Malaysia, is proud to take on an active role in community by offering free health screening through its Healthy Officers’ Day which was held from the 21st till 23rd of May at Life Care Medical Centre in JalanKerinchi, Bangsar South. At Healthy Officers’ Day, participants were offered free health screenings which included blood sugar and cholesterol check, blood pressure check, body mass index, body composition analysis, ankle densitometry and others.

This free health screening was primarily aimed to improve health awareness among office personnel. There were many participating companies as better health will improve productivity and reduce sick leave. Nestle was on site providing free samples of their yoghurt and Milo drinks.

Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre is a one-stop, same day reporting health screening centre. This health hub is fully-equipped with the latest medical technology, including CT scan and MRI. It is a pioneer boutique hospital and is a recognized centre internationally, as the approved centre for Australian, Canadian and United Kingdom visa medical checks. If you are keen to participate in future free health screening, please call Sean at 016-226 7680.


Malaysia’s Booming Medical Tourism – Press TV

Malaysia is fast becoming a choice destination for medical tourism. It’s seeing a big increase in international medical tourists from neighboring countries and the West. Mahi Ramakrishnan reports.

So Malaysia wants to make sure it continues to gain a bigger share of the estimated 100 billion U-S dollar medical tourism industry. And it is carrying out all necessary actions according to the plan the realize this goal.


Berita Harian – 3 January 2013

Kesan awal elak merana – Life Care pusat sehenti kesihatan. “Berita buruk mengenai kelewatan rawatan, bagi penyakit tertentu seperti barah, sama ada barah payudara atau barah pangkal rahim, umpamanya, pesakit perlu melalui rawatan intensif yang memakan masa dan kos” Dr. Alex Leong Vui Beng, Perunding Penjagaaan Kesihatan, Life Care.

Berita Harian (01 Jan ’13)Intw