All New Zealand health cases will be processed in eMedical as ‘Upfront medicals’ (UFM).

We will create a health case in eMedical for each applicant wishing to undergo health examinations for a New Zealand visa application.

Applicant must know which Certificate they intend to apply. Please refer to Immigration New Zealand if you are not sure of the type of Certificate required for your application.

The health examinations that appear in eMedical will depend on the Certificate selected.


  • If you are 18 years old and below, you must be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian
  • If applicable, bring your spectacles or contact lenses
  • Applicants are not required to fast for blood and urine tests
  • Females within the reproductive age group are advised not to schedule their medical examinationduring their menstrual period. Otherwise, they will be required to come back one week after thecompletion of menstruation
  • An appointment is required prior to coming in for the medical examination. Preferably in themorning.


  1. Valid Original National Passport
  2. Any previous chest x-ray films and reports
  3. If applicable – a detailed medical reports regarding a previously-treated or currently managed clinically significant illness which should contain the following information:
    a. duration and date of treatment
    b. surgical procedure or medical intervention done
    c. complete final diagnosis
    d. outcome of treatment or treatment plans and prognosis, if available
  4. Please fill in the below form, and bring along during your visit for your New Zealand Immigration Health examination.


A. PERMANENT Visa Applicants

Certificate Age Required Examinations
General Medical Certificate 0-4 years old Medical Examination
5-10 years old Medical Examination and Urinalysis
11-14 years old Medical Examination and Urinalysis
15 – 70 years old Medical Examination, HIV, HbA1C, Syphilis, Serum Creatinine, Full Blood Count, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
70 years and above Medical Examination, HIV, HbA1C, Syphilis, Serum Creatinine, Full Blood Count, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Mini Mental examination.
Limited Medical Certificate 0-14 years old Limited medical examination.
15 years and above Limited medical examination, serum creatinine and full blood count.
Supplementary Medical Certificate Must be 15 years and above HIV.
X-Ray Certificate Must be 11 years and above X-ray.

The applicants will be provided with the Information Sheet upon completion of the New Zealand Immigration Health examination

Medical reports and chest x-ray image are electronically submitted online via eMedical System