ResizedImage176232-DrAzahar-Pic1Dr. Azhar Bin Zainuddin
MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology) UM
Head Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr Azhar Bin Zainuddin graduated from University Malaya in 1995. He worked as a medical officer at Hospital Seremban and Hospital Sibu; and later went on to obtain his specialist degree (Masters in Ophthalmology) from University Malaya in 2002. He is a registered eye specialist with the National Specialist Registry.

He has worked as an eye specialist in various parts of Malaysia. Dr Azhar has worked up north in Hospital Alor Star, Kedah. Later he was transferred to Hospital Mentakab, Pahang where he was the head of the eye department there. Dr Azhar left for private practice in 2003 to Columbia Asia Medical Centre in Miri, Sarawak where he was the only resident private ophthalmologist in the whole town.

He came back to Kuala Lumpur and worked briefly at Hospital Pusrawi, KL before becoming a full time Consultant Ophthalmologist at the Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital in Petaling Jaya in 2007. From 1st April 2013, Dr Azhar opened up Life Care Specialist Eye Centre and currently heads the ophthalmic services at LifeCare Diagnostic Medical Centre at Bangsar South.

Dr Azhar is well versed in general ophthalmology and has a keen interest in cataract and oculo-plastic surgeries. He also has a passion in treating glaucoma patients. Dr Azhar has a pleasant personality and is easy going with patients.
ResizedImage141204-Ow-YongMs. Ow Yong Sim Ee
B.Optom (Hons) UKM
Consultant Optometrist

Ms Ow Yong graduated with Bachelor of Optometry with Honors (Distinction) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 2012. She was awarded by Essilor Malaysia Sdn Bhd for one of the best student in UKM.

She did her clinical internship at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (Department of Optometry & Ophthalmology) and Menara Optometry Centre at Mid Valley. Previously she worked as a full time optometrist in retail before joining LifeCare. She has the experience of ophthalmic dispensing, pediatric refraction, contact lens fitting, eye health screening & giving small talks to the public.

In 2011, she was chosen as the candidate for UKM Global Student Mobility Partnerships Programme (Outbound) to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (School of Optometry) for clinical attachments. She was exposed with various advanced optometric equipments, skills and precious chance to observe different types of eye cases during the attachment.

Ms Ow Yong is a registered optometrist with the Malaysia Optical Council (MOC) and Association of Malaysian Optometrists (AMO). Her area of interest involves diagnosing and solving refractive problem, computer vision syndrome, eye diseases, ergonomics and visual hygiene, contact lens, myopia control as well as binocular vision & therapy.

Currently, she works as a consultant optometrist at LifeCare Specialist Eye Centre.



  • Cataract Screening & Treatment.
  • Glaucoma Screening & Treatment.
  • Diabetic Screening & Treatment.
  • Laser Eye Treatment.
  • Ocular-plastic & Aesthetic Surgery (Double-Eyelid, Baggy Eyelid etc.).
  • Syringing Evaluation For Blocked Nasolacrimal Duct & Tearing.
  • Pterygium Excision & Grafting.
  • Eye & Ocular Emergencies (Trauma, Foreign Body, Red Eye, Painful Eye, Itchy Eye etc.).
  • Other Minor Treatment & Surgeries.
  • Diagnostic Instruments:
    • Optical Coherence Tomography (Anterior Segment, Retina & Optic Nerve Evaluation).
    • Dilated & Non-Dilated Fundus Photography.
    • A-Scan (IOL & Axial Length Calculation).


  • General & Advanced Refraction:
  • Spectacle Power & Prescription.
  • Refractive Headaches & Eye Strain Assessment.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome, Ergonomics & Visual Stress.
  • Night Vision & Aberration Control.

Pediatric & Kids Refraction:

  • Cycloplegic Refraction & Non-Cycloplegic Refraction.
  • Babies Refraction, Amblyopia & Lazy Eye Assessment.
  • Myopia Control & Visual Development Consultation.

Geriatric & Presbyopic Refraction:

  • Reading Glasses & Custom Multifocal Prescription.

Color Vision Assessment:

  • Driving License, Pilot & Occupational Consultation.

Corneal Curvature & Contact Lens Consultation:

  • Keratoconus & Cornea Degenerative Diseases.

Dry Eyes Assessment & Management:

  • Artificial Tears & Supplements.
  • Ocular Surface Allergies & Ophthalmic Solutions Consultation.

Contact Info:
Level 1, Wisma Life Care,
5, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2241 3610/ 011 1070 0622